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Minimalism – New Philosophy of Life

In the world of consumption and total availability of everything we may like, want, or just buy out of curiosity our system of values has changed – we get used to things and throw away people, we work more to buy more and to have more unnecessary things and less space in our apartments. May be it is time to review this consumption concept and choose a more healthier and reasonable life style?

Minimalism was started as a protest against the endless consumption of goods. It teaches that we do not need much in fact to live and to enjoy life. This movement has some obvious advantages. First of all, it is good for the environment as with the decrease in demand for goods will cause the decrease in their production and, thus, less pollution. What more to it, you will not need to work hard if you learn how to restrict your desires for the material things. The result – more time to spend on self-development, education, or communication with friends. Finally, minimalism is good from the aesthetic point of view as you will have more space for work and life after getting rid of all this trash you have collected for years.

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