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Fashion Trends 2013: Coats

A trendy coat as an elegant dress makes any girl look stylish, slim and sophisticated. Of course jackets also can look fashionable and fancy but they lack the hint of polished chick impression. That's why in winter and fall 2013 the most part of the leading fashion designers decided the coat to be the must-have garment for all the it-girls. So what fashion trends will prevail in 2013?

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Time Is in Fashion

I often suffer the lack of money as I spend them on different fashionable accessorizes. My recent passion is watches and when I will have enough money I will buy one of these masterpieces of the designer’s art:

1. F1 Carbon Watch. Though it does not look feminine at all, I feel irresistible desire to wear this watch on my wrist. It was designed by John Pszeniczny who found inspiration in F1 racing, that’s why this watch is made of carbon fiber, metal and rubber. To add a shade of luxury the designer has used Swarovski crystals as well.

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Fashion – Ugly and Ruthless

Fashion dictates us what where and how to look. The images from the TV shows, ads and billboards surround us every moment of the day. Fashion makes us want slim body and long legs, shining hair and perfectly shaped nails. No matter what sacrifices it takes we obey the power of fashion. But when this obedience is blind it may lead to curious results and the fashion turns from the severe dictator into ridiculous scarecrow. Look through the top list of the most strange and foolish fashion trends and think carefully before following any new tendency.

Fashion was ridiculous throughout the history. Let’s take, fro example, the popularity of wearing animal wraps. Women used to wear the whole animal carcass around their necks with everything still intact and it looked, to put it mildly, a bit weird.

Another trend which you will hardly want to follow appeared in 1990s with the help of Kris Kross, a popular hip-hop duo of that time. They inspired the whole generation to wear their cloths backwards. You can guess that it was highly impractical, useless and not as attractive as it seemed to the creators of this style.

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