Summer? Let the Music Begin!

Summer is an excellent time to put on a mini-skirt, relax in the heart of the sun and turn crazy under the sounds of music of the best summer festivals. Cheerful mood and hot weather are perfect additions to the celebrations of people’s love for music. Music festivals are held all over the world and the most famous of them are definitely worth visiting.

Denmark is the host of the largest music festival in the Northern Europe which is called Roskilde. The tradition of gathering the fans of music from all over the world has started in 1971. The arena of the festival presents a 30-kilometers zone outside of Copenhagen. There you can enjoy practically all genres of music – rock, pop, house, electronica, hip and hop and all other music styles you can image. Local bands as well as internationally famous artists perform together on seven stages provided on this open-air event. Roskilde takes place in the hottest month of summer – July which guarantees that the nights will be hot.

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The Weirdest Musical Instruments

Some musicians feel that it is not enough to impress the audience with the beauty of melody or the power of their voices. They use some additional means, like weird musical instruments to make their works sound unique and even look unique sometimes. The presence of such instruments in the world of music leaves some hope of acquiring music skills for even such non-talented in the musical aspect people, like me.

For instance, some musical instruments do not even require playing on them as the nature does this work for you, like it is in case with Wave Organ. There are only two of them in the world – the first is situated in Croatia and the other can be found in San Francisco, in the Golden Gate National Park. The mechanism of producing melodies with the help of such organs is pretty simple – the system of pipes is situated partially under water and when the waves move in and out the water covers the openings of these pipes and it leads to the production of random melodic sounds.

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Time Is in Fashion

I often suffer the lack of money as I spend them on different fashionable accessorizes. My recent passion is watches and when I will have enough money I will buy one of these masterpieces of the designer’s art:

1. F1 Carbon Watch. Though it does not look feminine at all, I feel irresistible desire to wear this watch on my wrist. It was designed by John Pszeniczny who found inspiration in F1 racing, that’s why this watch is made of carbon fiber, metal and rubber. To add a shade of luxury the designer has used Swarovski crystals as well.

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Raw food diet

It is believed that raw foods are much healthier than cooked. Followers of this diet are sure that the denaturation of the essentially important enzymes lead to health problems. It means that in many cases while cooking we eat unhealthy food. Instead of it our body as well as our immune system need those enzymes. And according to it sooner or later we would face serious problems mainly concerning digesting and stomach disorders.

It turns out that high temperature destroys nutrients and vitamins we need when we eat foods. At the same time those who do not keep raw food diet think that in many cases cooking is needed. Well, both opponents could be right of course. And our body needs balanced diet including vitamins, nutrients, and fats. Just remember about it.

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Photography of Jen Davis.

My today’s post would be devoted to an American photographer Jen Davis based in New York City. What is special about her? Well, there is something special about her pictures actually. Mainly Davis takes self-portraits thus revealing the issues that as the rule regard female beauty, physical appearance, identity. At the same time she is pretty much interested in picturing men revealing the same issues. “In this body of work, I deal with my insecurities about my body image and the direct correlation between self-perception and the way one is perceived by others. Photography is the medium that I use to tell my story through life, an outlet for revealing my thoughts and opinions about the society in which we live. A society that dictates beauty based on ones physical appearance”. The point is that she is overweight. And she is pretty daring to pose in front of the camera. She always looks sad. Davis lets us see private aspects of her personal life. The series is titled “Self-portraits”. “My work is partially based on personal experiences that I have re-constructed into a photograph, and the other part consists of made up fantasies of what I imagine a physical relationship to be regarding intimacy, love and desire”, describes Davis herself.

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Radiohead. Brief story of fame.

Radiohead is considered to be one of the most significant and considerable bands in the whole musical world today. Their debut was a bit awkward and not so starlike as it was expected, but throughout the history of the group they managed to become stars and idols of people of all ages. This all happened after the loud success of their “OK computer” album which was not expected and the five of them coming from Oxford created the band.

Thom Yorke is the leading force of the band and, by the way, first it was called “On a Friday” as Friday was the rehearsal day of Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood , Ed O’Brien, Phil Selvey and the smaller Colin’s brother Johnny.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Training

It is believed that exercises and physical activity will make your body stronger and your mind more hard-tempered. However, sometimes training may become senseless and even harmful for your health if you develop a wrong pattern of doing exercises. Here are the most wide spread mistakes you should avoid in order not to cause any damage to your body while training.

The first popular mistake of those who just enter the world of physical training is doing isolated exercises. If you perform actions aimed at strengthening only one group of muscles you will not expend enough energy and fail to achieve considerable results at getting slimmer. You should stimulate as many muscles as possible within one set of exercises to cause a major calorie burn.

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