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The Best Soundtracks

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Most of us like watching movies, TV series and procrastinating. And I was wondering: how many of you watch movies and pay more attention to soundtracks than to a plot? I am one of those people, all the songs that I listen to are from the movies, TV series and YouTube videos that I come across. I am so into music that I pause a movie when the most interesting thing is about to happen and start googling a song. Of course, not all that music / songs are soundtracks, but still. So I thought I should share “my precious” list with you. You probably know most of these songs and I would like to know whether or not you love them as much as I do.
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Summer? Let the Music Begin!

Summer is an excellent time to put on a mini-skirt, relax in the heart of the sun and turn crazy under the sounds of music of the best summer festivals. Cheerful mood and hot weather are perfect additions to the celebrations of people’s love for music. Music festivals are held all over the world and the most famous of them are definitely worth visiting.

Denmark is the host of the largest music festival in the Northern Europe which is called Roskilde. The tradition of gathering the fans of music from all over the world has started in 1971. The arena of the festival presents a 30-kilometers zone outside of Copenhagen. There you can enjoy practically all genres of music – rock, pop, house, electronica, hip and hop and all other music styles you can image. Local bands as well as internationally famous artists perform together on seven stages provided on this open-air event. Roskilde takes place in the hottest month of summer – July which guarantees that the nights will be hot.

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The Weirdest Musical Instruments

Some musicians feel that it is not enough to impress the audience with the beauty of melody or the power of their voices. They use some additional means, like weird musical instruments to make their works sound unique and even look unique sometimes. The presence of such instruments in the world of music leaves some hope of acquiring music skills for even such non-talented in the musical aspect people, like me.

For instance, some musical instruments do not even require playing on them as the nature does this work for you, like it is in case with Wave Organ. There are only two of them in the world – the first is situated in Croatia and the other can be found in San Francisco, in the Golden Gate National Park. The mechanism of producing melodies with the help of such organs is pretty simple – the system of pipes is situated partially under water and when the waves move in and out the water covers the openings of these pipes and it leads to the production of random melodic sounds.

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Radiohead. Brief story of fame.

Radiohead is considered to be one of the most significant and considerable bands in the whole musical world today. Their debut was a bit awkward and not so starlike as it was expected, but throughout the history of the group they managed to become stars and idols of people of all ages. This all happened after the loud success of their “OK computer” album which was not expected and the five of them coming from Oxford created the band.

Thom Yorke is the leading force of the band and, by the way, first it was called “On a Friday” as Friday was the rehearsal day of Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood , Ed O’Brien, Phil Selvey and the smaller Colin’s brother Johnny.

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