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Most of us like watching movies, TV series and procrastinating. And I was wondering: how many of you watch movies and pay more attention to soundtracks than to a plot? I am one of those people, all the songs that I listen to are from the movies, TV series and YouTube videos that I come across. I am so into music that I pause a movie when the most interesting thing is about to happen and start googling a song. Of course, not all that music / songs are soundtracks, but still. So I thought I should share “my precious” list with you. You probably know most of these songs and I would like to know whether or not you love them as much as I do.

“Requiem for a dream” from Requiem For A Dream. It is a famous one; I doubt there are people who have never heard it. It is really beautiful and it keeps in tone with its name. And for those who still thinks it was written by Amadeus Mozart: it was not written by Mozart! It is beautiful, but it doesn’t even sound like something Mozart would write. It was created by a great composer Clint Mansell.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” by Klaus Badelt. I guess everyone knows this music now that they’ve already made four movies. And Pirates of the Caribbean-5 is coming in 2015! Which means: yay! The original music is cool, but I prefer the Dave Darell remix (at least this is what they call it)

“Don abandons Alice” from 28 Weeks Later by John Murphy. It’s heartbreaking and very powerful I think.

“Oh, Pretty Woman” that made Roy Kelton Orbison famous, he even got Grammy for it, unfortunately, it was only in 1991 – three years after his death. The movie is old, but I never switch a channel if I see it on TV. I think it’s great.

“I’ll be there for you” is another song most people in the WORLD know. Thanks to the unbelievable show ‘Friends’ that I have watched SIX times already (all ten seasons) this song and the band, The Rembrandts, became popular all over the world. I still watch this show when I feel blue and it always brings my spirits up. I think it’s the best song about friendship that I’ve ever heard. Although I guess this kind of song can be qualified as a love song, too.
And what are your favorite soundtracks / songs from the movies?


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