Breeds Differ

If you decide to keep a dog you have passed only a half of the way. There are so many breeds that it can take you ages to decide what kind of dog you want to have. When making your choice you should take into account certain criteria in order to select a pet which will suit you best.

One of the most obvious conditions which plays an important role in this issue is space. Do you have a flat or a house with much space to walk with your dog? If your apartment is not large enough, consider taking pet of a small size, like Yorkshire terrier, for instance. Note that it is essential for any dog to have an opportunity to move freely.

The level of activity should be taken into account together with the question of space. It is unlikely that an old lady will get on well with a setter, while a sportsman will be disappointed with Papillion or bulldog. Terriers, for instance, are born runners while patrol dogs, on the contrary, will hardly demonstrate high activity as there original mission is to protect the area rather than hunting after prey.

Dogs’ characters differ as much as the characters of people. Some of the pets are complete introverts; the others are very sociable and communicative. Some are ready to obey, the others will never give up the position of the leader. Let’s try to generalize the peculiarities of different breeds.

Terriers are tireless, friendly, get on well with kids and are easy to train. They will suit people who dream of a permanent companion and like to run.

Pitbull, bulldog, Staffordshire bull terrier and other dogs with “bull” in the names of their breed will become perfect friends for you, but be ready that they will not be as friendly to other dogs.

Northern breeds are characterized by fidelity, self-restraint and witty mind. They like children but they are not always in a playful mood. They respect all members of the family but can be unfriendly towards strangers.

Shepherd dogs, like collie, for instance, are very clever and are perfect for training as well. They get on well with kids and other dogs.

Decorative dogs are mostly gentle, but at the same time very stubborn. Besides, they like to bark for no reason. It is better to keep them in child-free families.

By the way, children are another factor which should be taken into account. Not all breeds have friendly attitude towards kids. So, if you want a dog to become a friend of small members of your family, consider the following options:

Newfoundland dog. This tender giant looks like a teddy bear with a great amount of saliva being its only defect.

Labrador. This breed grows up very slowly, and the dog may preserve playful character of a puppy till the age of three. So, it will become a perfect companion for your kid as it will eagerly participate in all kinds of games.

Keeshond. Due to its particular appearance it seems that this dog is constantly smiling. It is an active creature which will always find the ways to entertain your kid.


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