Fashion Trends 2013: Coats

A trendy coat as an elegant dress makes any girl look stylish, slim and sophisticated. Of course jackets also can look fashionable and fancy but they lack the hint of polished chick impression. That's why in winter and fall 2013 the most part of the leading fashion designers decided the coat to be the must-have garment for all the it-girls. So what fashion trends will prevail in 2013?

The women who have seductive slim legs will be pleased to know that the short felt coat still remains quite popular. They even become shorter and remain the warm suit jacket. You may also try on the fitted models of coats. They will make your waist look tiny and underline the nice curves of your silhouette. The elegant models of the dress coats will make your body shape look like a perfect hourglass.

The knee-length coats could match any look. If you put on jeans and grab a large bag you will look casual and sporty. With classic polished leather shoes, pleated skirt, beret and a small clutch you will acquire a sophisticated French look. Don't be afraid to try various combinations.

Maxi coats may appear to be not that comfortable but that isn't a problem for the splendid ladies who want to look refined and elegant. Such coats match the mini skirts of wide-legged silk trousers.

Mild feminine silhouette is the most popular trend of the season. That's why the fashion designers and stylists advice to wear belts with coats. The right belt may be either narrow of wide but it will bring some interesting accents to your outfit. The bright red, blue, green and orange belts will make the calm beige coat look more fancy.

The minimalistic tendencies have been inherited from summer collections. Try the plain straight coats with hidden buttons or zippers.


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2 responses to “Fashion Trends 2013: Coats”

  1. Robert F says :

    I’m responding to your comment on my blog, Roberts Projects, here since I saw no other way to respond to you:

    ” As the old saying goes: “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Most things I’ve posted here were done to fulfill a need or make something better. Along the way I’ll do a bit of research on the particular subject. The Receivador cabinet post is a good example. I never heard of them until one day I pulled one out of the trash. This post on the pole barn is another good example of how I develop my ideas. I did not build the pole barn with the end result as seen here already envisioned. In the beginning, it was just going to be an extension of an existing garage. In fact, I was planning to remove the wall between the new and old garages. It was only after the garage was built that I began to see the possibilities. Then the old desks fell into my lap, for free, and the idea began to take on a life of it’s own.”

    I’ll also add the following. I am an inventor / tinkerer first, and a blogger second. If I feel I’ve done something that others might find useful or interesting, I’ll make a blog entry about it. Some things have proven surprisingly popular, like my root cellar story. Clearly, there are a lot of people interested in a “back to the basics”, or “off grid” lifestyle.

    I can see from your blog posts that you are a good writer. I’m not sure what to recommend regarding subject matter, because I am simply using my own experiences.


    p.s your no-reply Blogger ID has a typo. It says “My Tiny Cure Stories”

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