Oh sex, you are sport!

Did you know they are going to equate sex with the Olympic sports? It sounds great!

Sex is a kind of sport, and those who practice it make regular physical activity and look good. The adepts of this sport create groups in social networks and vote. In order to make sex an Olympic sport, more than 1 million people should vote for this decision. There are more than 6 billion people and certainly not less than a million of them are involved in this sport regularly, efficiently and professionally. Another argument, mentioned by the activists is that this enjoyable competition would be held in both winter and summer, and fall and spring.

Did you know that striptease has almost become a kind of the Olympic sports? The International Dance Federation prepares petition to the International Olympic Committee. IOC representative told the reporters that the striptease will be an Olympic sport in case the International Sports Federation confirms it. However, the fact one can see striptease dance more often in bars and clubs than at the stadiums is pretty embarrassing. I guess we'll have to organize a new Olympics with black-jack and bars.

And now some sportsmen have sex in their free from the major sport time during the Olympic games. To make this process pleasant and safe, organizers bought 150,000 condoms in 2012. For comparison, in 2000 in Sydney there were only 70,000 condoms, and in 2010 in Vancouver – 100 000. The growth of these indicators gives reason to believe that the list of the Olympic Games will soon be added with a new kind. It would be better to show the competition at night, otherwise your children will get an idea of sex along with the rules of biathlon.

And for grown ups it will be way more interesting to watch it, than the guys banding a badminton shuttlecock on the field.


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