Are you ready to be a mom?

Almost every woman dreams about having children, because this is what all the ladies were born for: to give this world another life. If you don’t have children yet, but you think it’s high time to ponder over it, there are eight signs of readiness to become a mother. Check up yourself and find out whether you have…

1) Emotional stability

Being a parent is hard. You will have to manage two lives now. So by the time of birth you need to be emotionally stable to give your baby all your love and care.

2) Housing

Children need a place where they can feel safe and happy. That’s not necessarily a luxurious mansion, but at least a clean and warm apartment. Think about its closeness to the school or kindergarten. Keep in mind that moving to a new house with a baby is way harder.

3) A good family

A child should have both a mother and a father. Even if you broke up with the father of a baby, it will be important to maintain normal relationships. A child shouldn’t see your quarrels.

4) Material stability

You will have to be able to provide your child with everything necessary: special food, diapers, toys, clothes, then school fees and books and what not. This is an expensive treat.Be sure you are well provided with money.

5) Minimum of entertainment

If you still feel you need much fun in your free time, don’t even think about having a baby! Of course, becoming a mother doesn’t mean burying yourselves alive at home. But you should strongly reject the numbers of parties and clubs in your life.

6) Someone else’s support

It’s much better if you have someone to be helped. Think about a person who will be able to stay with your baby when you’re at work or in the hospital. It’s not always possible to take your child with you, so if your mother or a good proved nanny are near by, you’ll feel much easier.

7) A good physical shape

Carrying all the things of your child and a child himself is not that easy. You need to be physically strong. Believe me, trained muscles will facilitate your life, especially for the first 2 years.

8) Lack of bad habits

If you want you child to be healthy, you’d rather forget about smoking and drinking. You should think of it even before conception, as our body and blood contains harmful matter from cigarettes and alcohol for a long time, and that can affect your further child’s health.

As you see, being a mother is quite hard. And you should take it serious, as you will be responsible for someone else’s life all the next years.

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