The Weirdest Musical Instruments

Some musicians feel that it is not enough to impress the audience with the beauty of melody or the power of their voices. They use some additional means, like weird musical instruments to make their works sound unique and even look unique sometimes. The presence of such instruments in the world of music leaves some hope of acquiring music skills for even such non-talented in the musical aspect people, like me.

For instance, some musical instruments do not even require playing on them as the nature does this work for you, like it is in case with Wave Organ. There are only two of them in the world – the first is situated in Croatia and the other can be found in San Francisco, in the Golden Gate National Park. The mechanism of producing melodies with the help of such organs is pretty simple – the system of pipes is situated partially under water and when the waves move in and out the water covers the openings of these pipes and it leads to the production of random melodic sounds.

Another musical instrument which is played by nature is the Aeolian harp. It is named after Aeolus, the Greek god of the wind. The harp produces sounds without any human help as it is played by the wind. Listening to these melodies gives you a strange feeling, like you are listening to the voice of nature itself.

Didgeridoo which is played by the natives of Northern Australia is considered to be the oldest wind instrument in the history of music. While playing a didgeridoo you can produce only one main note, in fact, but adding overtones and voice will make this I instrument sound amazing. The melody of didgeridoo can not be compared with nothing else.

Stalacpipe Organ is probably the largest musical instrument in the world, and the biggest part of it is made by nature. The inventor of this weird instrument, Lelend Sprinkle, found out that stalactites produce melodic sounds if touched with a mallet. He attached a mallet to every stalactite in the cave and built a keyboard to organize the sounds in one melody. The existence of this organ only proves the fact that nature provides endless source of inspiration.

Musical Saw is another musical instrument which is far from being usual. The sound of it resembles a woman’s voice. This instrument was given real popularity by Alfred Schnittke as he used this saw in a number of his works.

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