Time Is in Fashion

I often suffer the lack of money as I spend them on different fashionable accessorizes. My recent passion is watches and when I will have enough money I will buy one of these masterpieces of the designer’s art:

1. F1 Carbon Watch. Though it does not look feminine at all, I feel irresistible desire to wear this watch on my wrist. It was designed by John Pszeniczny who found inspiration in F1 racing, that’s why this watch is made of carbon fiber, metal and rubber. To add a shade of luxury the designer has used Swarovski crystals as well.

2. Hironao Tsuboi. This is, perhaps, one of the most unusual watches I have dreamed about. From the first sight it looks like just another fashionable bracelet, but a closer look will give you an opportunity that there are light up figures between the segments of this bracelet which tell you the time.

3. Harry Winston. This watch is really ridiculous as it does not serve its original function of telling the time. The front panel is non-existent, so you can see all the gears and cogwheels of the mechanism of this watch as well as the designer’s name. The figure or any signs of them, however, are also non-existent so you will have to answer the question about the time with a polite smile and fashionable shrug of the shoulders.

4. Mutewatch. This model was designed in Sweden and its characteristic feature is that it will not show you time unless you tap the surface. The touchscreen function will light up the figures and you will be able to see the time at last.

4. Secret by Chopard. The Chopard Company exists since 1860 and still its watches stay in fashion. Secret has a diamond dial and brilliant case made of 19 carat diamonds. This exclusive luxury is worth its price of $508,000.

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