Raw food diet

It is believed that raw foods are much healthier than cooked. Followers of this diet are sure that the denaturation of the essentially important enzymes lead to health problems. It means that in many cases while cooking we eat unhealthy food. Instead of it our body as well as our immune system need those enzymes. And according to it sooner or later we would face serious problems mainly concerning digesting and stomach disorders.

It turns out that high temperature destroys nutrients and vitamins we need when we eat foods. At the same time those who do not keep raw food diet think that in many cases cooking is needed. Well, both opponents could be right of course. And our body needs balanced diet including vitamins, nutrients, and fats. Just remember about it.

Raw food diet includes mainly raw fruits and vegetables. So among followers of this diet are mainly vegetarians or preferably vegans but not necessarily. Many adherents of raw diet eat raw fish, raw meat and milk, raw eggs. As for raw meat, eggs and fish you should be quite careful. Thus raw meat may cause serious parasitic diseases. Raw eggs might be infected with dangerous salmonella bacteria that could cause serious infection diseases leading to stomach disorder, diarrhea, muscle pain, cramps and other pretty unpleasant consequences.

If you are going to start a raw food diet you should definitely prepare your body to it. If your decision concerns mainly weight loss issues then there is good news for you. This type of diet guarantees weight loss. But if you get used to eat junk food and all of a sudden you have decided to keep a raw food diet then obviously it would quite difficult experience. You’d better to start refusing unhealthy meals and including more raw foods into your menu gradually. You need time to get used to the specifics of the diet.

If you want to boost your immune system then a raw food diet would help you. Include into your menu more fruits and berries, raw vegetables. Do not ignore seeds, sprouts, nuts, grains, beans. Dress your salads preferably with olive oil.

Keeping this type of a diet you have to refuse many foods and meals you’ve probably got used to. You should forget about pasteurized and processed foods. Sugar and salt must be excluded of your menu as well. Followers of this diet do not eat baked products. Needless to say that junk food are excluded also. As you can see this diet requires some kind of patience and will. Of course you may try to keep a raw food diet for a month. It would detoxify your body. In case you want to return to a regular diet you have to be quite careful. Do not overwhelm your health. You should remember that any diet is very stressful for your body system. After keeping a raw food diet you should carefully prepare to a regular diet. Otherwise it would be just waste of your time and energy.

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