Photography of Jen Davis.

My today’s post would be devoted to an American photographer Jen Davis based in New York City. What is special about her? Well, there is something special about her pictures actually. Mainly Davis takes self-portraits thus revealing the issues that as the rule regard female beauty, physical appearance, identity. At the same time she is pretty much interested in picturing men revealing the same issues. “In this body of work, I deal with my insecurities about my body image and the direct correlation between self-perception and the way one is perceived by others. Photography is the medium that I use to tell my story through life, an outlet for revealing my thoughts and opinions about the society in which we live. A society that dictates beauty based on ones physical appearance”. The point is that she is overweight. And she is pretty daring to pose in front of the camera. She always looks sad. Davis lets us see private aspects of her personal life. The series is titled “Self-portraits”. “My work is partially based on personal experiences that I have re-constructed into a photograph, and the other part consists of made up fantasies of what I imagine a physical relationship to be regarding intimacy, love and desire”, describes Davis herself.

The initial idea of Davis is try to see how other people see her. Moreover she set the “life” scenes she has never experienced herself. Thus “Fantasy No. 1” depicts lying man behind her and embracing her.

One could ask what for she is taking all the pictures. Well, obviously she tries to see her body as if from outside. By the way the project has its impact on her. Once she decided to change her life and took control of her body. At least she tries. “I’m feeling really great physically, but still trying to figure it out emotionally”, says Davis.

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