Radiohead. Brief story of fame.

Radiohead is considered to be one of the most significant and considerable bands in the whole musical world today. Their debut was a bit awkward and not so starlike as it was expected, but throughout the history of the group they managed to become stars and idols of people of all ages. This all happened after the loud success of their “OK computer” album which was not expected and the five of them coming from Oxford created the band.

Thom Yorke is the leading force of the band and, by the way, first it was called “On a Friday” as Friday was the rehearsal day of Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood , Ed O’Brien, Phil Selvey and the smaller Colin’s brother Johnny.

Jericho Tavern was the place where the first historical appearance of the amazing band happened in 1987. In 1991, April “On a Friday” created the first demo-record of their of Manic Hedgehog which was the force that pulled them up the charts towards fame.

Kevin Vozenkroft the representative of the recording “Parlophone”company heard the demo. He wanted the band and after the Jericho Tavern show they got the contract with “EMI». The name Radiohead also came later after the guys had heard Talking Heads’ “Radio Head”. Since that moment we know the band under this unchangeable title.

In 1992 the first single “Drill” was released, it took a modest 101 place in the charts and Radiohead started the tour along England. Their most popular single “Creep” – the next one released didn’t get a success at once until included into the “Billboard Modern Rock Track Chart” which became the push for the band becoming famous in their own native country.

The second album of the band name “the Bends” was a better success than the first one, but still was not so winning as their “OK Computer” released in 1997. Radiohead started to get more and more fans and the album itself became the leader of the charts and stayed the one for 71 week which is a considerable achievement. Their song “Paranoid Android” became an overall hit of Radiohead and the band itself woke up famous.

In the following years everything stayed stable for Radiohead and this stability was wearing the “+” sign. Grant Guy filmed a movie about the band which is still considered to be a bit strange like everything in the creative work of these amazing guys. The movie was titled as “Meeting People Is Easy”.

Radiohead took their muse from every possible resource which ended up in strange music which was doomed to become popular. They gave birth to the whole genre of music and their fans will always love them no matter how different and unexpected they can be in their creativity. They have been calm and quiet for several years now, but all the fans know that it’s just necessary to wait a bit more for their Radiohead masters to impress and amaze them again through years.

There are some bands which are obviously doomed to be successful. Radiohead is just such a band. Well, good for the guys, they really deserve it.

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