Tip on Effective Essay Writing

The process of creating an essay may be divided into several stages: the defining of the main idea of the text, thinking it over, planning, writing, checking and correcting the mistakes. The quality of any essay depends upon the three interconnected constituents which are the information basis, the proper logical organization of the information and the argumentation.

To make the problem as clear as possible try to make notes while reading. Even if the matter seems unlikely to be understood easily the notes will help you to see the central notions and the supporting ones. The schemes and diagrams will bring order to your ideas concerning the matter issue. The effective way to make notes is to divide the page in two columns and write the basic data in the left one and your analysis in the right one. That is a good way to compare your personal view of the subject matter with the offered one.

Writing an essay means giving the definite answers to the stated question. You may be asked to tell why something happens and to explain the processes. Make sure that you understand the subject matter and are competent in its issues. It would be better if you will provide the alternative answers of your personal ones instead of those that can be seen in the books.

When you give the additional information try not to exceed the limits of a paragraph. That will prevent you from switching to another topic. Check that all the arguments are appropriate and follow each other in a logical order. If something seems to be irrelevant to the problem you may delete it without doubting.

In a good essay the proves and empiric data are the important part of the narration. But be careful and use only those which are referred to an appropriate time and place. Even if you are describing the layout concerning the social mobility in Britain check the date of the research.

Don’t forget that the data concerning the articulated questions should always be doubted. Don’t hurry to give the assessment to the events, nobody waits for that. All that you can do in this situation is to analyze the problem and find out if the provided information is reliable for indicating what is right and what is wrong.

Don’t give the references to the works that you haven’t read except the cases when you tell about the author who is quoting another author.

The ending part of your essay may include your personal view of the subject matter but it should be rather brief.

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