How to pull a perfect prank

Wanna know how to create a perfect prank? You are welcome!

Point 1. Choose your victim.

Make sure that the chosen person really possesses any sense of humor, otherwise the prank will be no fun for both of you. Then, try to learn the habits of this person, his schedule and the things he usually does. This will give you a chance to choose the perfect time for your prank. You can also play on the stuff your target is most afraid of or on his paranoid fears. More than that, you must make a kind of a list of people he really trusts. They can be involved in the prank and help you reach the maximum result.

Point 2. Create a plan of the prank.

Make it easy with no excessive complications which can go out of the plan. Also use the stuff you have around, this will make your prank more thought over and interesting. Then you should involve the victim in the prank with a kind of a legend. Fool him around telling the story related to what you are going to do with him. Make him a part of the false world. Don’t forget that any prank should be safe. No injuries. And the last thing here – make a prank that is really funny both for you and for the victim. You don’t need to offend a person.

Point 3. Pull the prank!

Here the main thing is to stay natural. Do the regular stuff, don’t laugh or giggle. Don’t give your victim a chance to suppose this all can be a joke. And. By the way, don’t you tell anyone that you are going to prank your friend. If you need an extra person for help choose him correctly. Be sure he will not ruin your joke.

Get it? Now you are ready, go and pull your perfect prank!

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