How to Make Your Head Work

In every intellectual activity, be it routine work or creative process, there are times when the head seems to become empty and not capable of generating ideas any more. If you feel something of this kind, you should use some simple techniques to restart your brain and make it work again.

If you feel that the solution of some problem refuses to come to your mind, occupy yourself with some other, completely different activity or make a deliberate break. On the background of your mind the options of the solution will be still generated and after a pause your head may come up with some creative idea. This method is useful in long night dead lines or when it is necessary to review your project completely.

If you feel the lack of creative ideas, remember everything that brings you inspirations. It can be the projects of the same kind of other people, or some pictures or even the whole cities which produced strong impression on you. These things can become creative doping for your brain and help you to come up with some idea of your own.

If you need advice to continue your work you can use the method of multiplication of your personality. Imagine that you are a pupil, or, on the contrary, that you are ten years older than now and try to imagine how this new self will cope with your problem. It will help you to view the issue from different sides which is useful when there is a need to update a long working system or when the long term planning is involved.

Finally, use the power of your sub conscience to come up with some genius ideas. Use the method of free associations – forget about the things you should think about and use your imagination putting down everything that came to your mind. This technique is recommended to use before serious brain storms or while developing key points of your project.

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