Husband Busted: Alarming Signs And Tips For Wives

Do you suspect your husband of having an affair? You never know for sure until he’s busted or confessed it by himself. Nevertheless, if you doubt his faithfulness, you should pay attention to some details of his behavior.

    1. “Impotency”

If you have noticed that your spouse comes home exhausted and doesn’t want to have sex with you, this is an alarm! Actually, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating on you. Maybe he REALLY IS tired at work, or doesn’t feel good today, or simply doesn’t feel like making love (it happens with men, too). But if he keeps telling you: “I’m sorry, honey, I’m tired” over and over again, it probably means that he leaves all his energy somewhere else, most likely in another woman’s bedroom.

  • Mind His Business


If he leaves you for the whole weekend “to meet friends”/”visit his old folks”/”go to the concert”, or plays workaholic and stays at work for the whole night every now and then, you’d better cock up your ears, eyes and other organs. This is an alarming signal that can mean that he just searches for the excuses to visit his new sweetheart. Nevertheless, don’t jump to conclusions: maybe he IS a workaholic! “Surprise” visit to his office can help you overcome your scruples.


  • New Words


If your husband has started using some words and sayings that weren’t typical for him before, you should ask yourself a question: “Where did he pick them?” It works not only for his vocabulary but also for the topics for conversations. Thus, if he keeps talking about laws/cooking/planes, it might mean that he has a lover, and she is a lawyer/cook/stewardess etc.


  • Increasing The Distance


Another sign of his cheating on you may appear ridiculous at first sight. I’m talking about increasing the distance. Indeed, many husbands either feel ashamed of their misbehavior or are disguised by their wives and unconsciously try to mind the gap. Pay attention to this advice next time you go for a walk together: if he tries to walk faster to leave you a bit behind, doesn’t take you by the hand and tries to keep his hands busy with something else all the time, it could mean he’s a cheater.


  • Flattery


Does your husband speak to you in a gentle voice, tries to fawn upon you, give you small presents although he never did that before? Hopefully, he acts like that because he is a perfect model of a husband and now is coming through the second way of being in love with you. Or probably he tries to make amends for his treason…


  • New Sexual Habits


That’s great when he tries to diversify your sexual life, but if he starts making crazy new tricks in bed, think about the source of his inspiration! Maybe he has read Kamasutra? It may well be so… But may also be the result of his visiting an experienced lover.


  • Pretext For A Quarrel


Sometimes it’s hard to find an excuse to leave home and meet a lover. The easiest way to go for him is to look for grounds to fight with you and go away to “chill”.

So, these tips for busting unfaithful husbands will help you identify treason. Hopefully, you will never ever use them!

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