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Radiohead. Brief story of fame.

Radiohead is considered to be one of the most significant and considerable bands in the whole musical world today. Their debut was a bit awkward and not so starlike as it was expected, but throughout the history of the group they managed to become stars and idols of people of all ages. This all happened after the loud success of their “OK computer” album which was not expected and the five of them coming from Oxford created the band.

Thom Yorke is the leading force of the band and, by the way, first it was called “On a Friday” as Friday was the rehearsal day of Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood , Ed O’Brien, Phil Selvey and the smaller Colin’s brother Johnny.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Training

It is believed that exercises and physical activity will make your body stronger and your mind more hard-tempered. However, sometimes training may become senseless and even harmful for your health if you develop a wrong pattern of doing exercises. Here are the most wide spread mistakes you should avoid in order not to cause any damage to your body while training.

The first popular mistake of those who just enter the world of physical training is doing isolated exercises. If you perform actions aimed at strengthening only one group of muscles you will not expend enough energy and fail to achieve considerable results at getting slimmer. You should stimulate as many muscles as possible within one set of exercises to cause a major calorie burn.

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Top 5 Weirdest Paintings Ever

Painting has always been the weirdest kind of arts. The artists always search for the new forms of self-expression and original metaphors, but some pictures are the new level of bizarre. The list of such paintings can be very long, but I’ve selected just 5 weirdest ones.

1.Edvard Munch, “Scream”

Scream is one of the most well-known masterpieces of expressionism.

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Tip on Effective Essay Writing

The process of creating an essay may be divided into several stages: the defining of the main idea of the text, thinking it over, planning, writing, checking and correcting the mistakes. The quality of any essay depends upon the three interconnected constituents which are the information basis, the proper logical organization of the information and the argumentation.

To make the problem as clear as possible try to make notes while reading. Even if the matter seems unlikely to be understood easily the notes will help you to see the central notions and the supporting ones. The schemes and diagrams will bring order to your ideas concerning the matter issue. The effective way to make notes is to divide the page in two columns and write the basic data in the left one and your analysis in the right one. That is a good way to compare your personal view of the subject matter with the offered one.

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How to pull a perfect prank

Wanna know how to create a perfect prank? You are welcome!

Point 1. Choose your victim.

Make sure that the chosen person really possesses any sense of humor, otherwise the prank will be no fun for both of you. Then, try to learn the habits of this person, his schedule and the things he usually does. This will give you a chance to choose the perfect time for your prank. You can also play on the stuff your target is most afraid of or on his paranoid fears. More than that, you must make a kind of a list of people he really trusts. They can be involved in the prank and help you reach the maximum result.

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How to Make Your Head Work

In every intellectual activity, be it routine work or creative process, there are times when the head seems to become empty and not capable of generating ideas any more. If you feel something of this kind, you should use some simple techniques to restart your brain and make it work again.

If you feel that the solution of some problem refuses to come to your mind, occupy yourself with some other, completely different activity or make a deliberate break. On the background of your mind the options of the solution will be still generated and after a pause your head may come up with some creative idea. This method is useful in long night dead lines or when it is necessary to review your project completely.

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Husband Busted: Alarming Signs And Tips For Wives

Do you suspect your husband of having an affair? You never know for sure until he’s busted or confessed it by himself. Nevertheless, if you doubt his faithfulness, you should pay attention to some details of his behavior.

  1. “Impotency”

If you have noticed that your spouse comes home exhausted and doesn’t want to have sex with you, this is an alarm! Actually, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating on you. Maybe he REALLY IS tired at work, or doesn’t feel good today, or simply doesn’t feel like making love (it happens with men, too). But if he keeps telling you: “I’m sorry, honey, I’m tired” over and over again, it probably means that he leaves all his energy somewhere else, most likely in another woman’s bedroom.

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