Fashion – Ugly and Ruthless

Fashion dictates us what where and how to look. The images from the TV shows, ads and billboards surround us every moment of the day. Fashion makes us want slim body and long legs, shining hair and perfectly shaped nails. No matter what sacrifices it takes we obey the power of fashion. But when this obedience is blind it may lead to curious results and the fashion turns from the severe dictator into ridiculous scarecrow. Look through the top list of the most strange and foolish fashion trends and think carefully before following any new tendency.

Fashion was ridiculous throughout the history. Let’s take, fro example, the popularity of wearing animal wraps. Women used to wear the whole animal carcass around their necks with everything still intact and it looked, to put it mildly, a bit weird.

Another trend which you will hardly want to follow appeared in 1990s with the help of Kris Kross, a popular hip-hop duo of that time. They inspired the whole generation to wear their cloths backwards. You can guess that it was highly impractical, useless and not as attractive as it seemed to the creators of this style.

The first place in the list of the most ridiculous garments in the history of fashion belongs to the shoe hat. It was created in 1930s by Elsa Shiaparelli. Nowadays only a few celebs have courage to wear such things on their heads.

If we return to the present time we will find here even more ridiculous items which were made fashionable by some caprice of the designers. Here are the weirdest things which are claimed to be must-have of the season:

  • meggings. Yes, you got it right; it is the leggings for men. Of course, we all like muscular men legs but if they are tightly wrapped in this stuff the attraction somehow fades away.
  • Feathery eyelashes. It is false lashes decorated with feathers, little stones and so on. May be it looks beautiful, though I doubt it, but the main point is that it is extremely inconvenient and sometimes do not even allows you to close your eyes. But who will argue with the voice of fashion…

  • Circle Contact Lenses. These lenses make your face-expression doll-like, as the iris looks smaller with such lens on it. Do not hesitate, put it on and look fashionable! It is not a problem that your eyes will be hidden from you and it will be impossible to read your emotions. Why do we need mimics and shining eyes if we can be fashionable without them?
  • Lacy and sheer fashion for men. I will not define any particular item in this trend. The whole idea sounds ridiculous to me. Men dressed in lace in sheer tops? Excellent, but what if they look better than us in the same garments, will not it be weird? Or the original idea was to allow us to exchange cloths with boyfriend? In this case we have nothing to worry about.

Excuse me, please, my sarcasm but I just can not remain calm when thinking of all these trends which make people look funny and even ugly sometimes. I just want you to follow the rules of fashion more carefully, if follow them at all.

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