How to Turn a Drive into Fun

A long car journey will limit the possibility to move for a young child. Junior children are easily bored by doing nothing. Sitting and staring at the landscape through the window is more tiresome than doing homework. You’ll have to invent something interesting to prevent the young passenger from distracting the driver or behaving capriciously. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick up a large bag with the things which will provide the opportunity to captivate the child’s attention by different activities. Put some small stuffed toys, finger dolls, a plane, a kaleidoscope and a portable voice recorder.

Children are often tend to feel hunger during their travel. Offer them some packed food, but better not to give them candy or crisps. Think of cheese cut into small cubes or whole grain snacks. Rice rings are easily turned into an edible bracelet or a necklace with the help of a thread. Put one round your son’s or daughter’s wrist and it will be eaten with double pleasure.

Try to make up a fantastic story together with your children taking turns to say one sentence. Don’t forger to switch the recorder on. Some kids will enjoy listening to the tape later. The other kids will forget about it as they step out of the car but the process of having their voice recorded will bring them a lot of fun. Imagine yourself being a reporter or pretend to be a radio host on air. The child will like these ideas as they usually imitate performing different activities typical of various professions.

Stick a poster with a funny phrase on the door of you car and watch the reaction of the passers-by. The note saying “Wave I you’re famous” as a good example of a phrase which may make the people driving a car next to you give you a smile (and a wave, of course).

Tune into music. Driving a long way is an excellent opportunity to share your tastes in music with your child. You may listen to the songs of your childhood alternated by the songs you children learn and listen to at school. Sing a melody without the lyrics and let your child remember the name of the song. Then let you children murmur some tunes to you.

Broaden your kids’ active vocabulary by naming the objects you pass by. For those who know the alphabet by heart suggest to say the words beginning with the same letter or from the first letter of the child’s name. Give a prompt if it appears difficult for your children.

For kids who are older than 5 a good way to kill time is making simple sketches of what they see out of the window. The more interesting details they will notice and depict the better. Show your interesting. Ask them some questions about what is going on, why a certain color is used. Even if you reach your destination late at night find some time to look at the pictures and comment upon them. If you are extremely tired put the drawings in a safe place and have a look on them later together with the children.

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