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Minimalism – New Philosophy of Life

In the world of consumption and total availability of everything we may like, want, or just buy out of curiosity our system of values has changed – we get used to things and throw away people, we work more to buy more and to have more unnecessary things and less space in our apartments. May be it is time to review this consumption concept and choose a more healthier and reasonable life style?

Minimalism was started as a protest against the endless consumption of goods. It teaches that we do not need much in fact to live and to enjoy life. This movement has some obvious advantages. First of all, it is good for the environment as with the decrease in demand for goods will cause the decrease in their production and, thus, less pollution. What more to it, you will not need to work hard if you learn how to restrict your desires for the material things. The result – more time to spend on self-development, education, or communication with friends. Finally, minimalism is good from the aesthetic point of view as you will have more space for work and life after getting rid of all this trash you have collected for years.

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Fashion – Ugly and Ruthless

Fashion dictates us what where and how to look. The images from the TV shows, ads and billboards surround us every moment of the day. Fashion makes us want slim body and long legs, shining hair and perfectly shaped nails. No matter what sacrifices it takes we obey the power of fashion. But when this obedience is blind it may lead to curious results and the fashion turns from the severe dictator into ridiculous scarecrow. Look through the top list of the most strange and foolish fashion trends and think carefully before following any new tendency.

Fashion was ridiculous throughout the history. Let’s take, fro example, the popularity of wearing animal wraps. Women used to wear the whole animal carcass around their necks with everything still intact and it looked, to put it mildly, a bit weird.

Another trend which you will hardly want to follow appeared in 1990s with the help of Kris Kross, a popular hip-hop duo of that time. They inspired the whole generation to wear their cloths backwards. You can guess that it was highly impractical, useless and not as attractive as it seemed to the creators of this style.

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How to Turn a Drive into Fun

A long car journey will limit the possibility to move for a young child. Junior children are easily bored by doing nothing. Sitting and staring at the landscape through the window is more tiresome than doing homework. You’ll have to invent something interesting to prevent the young passenger from distracting the driver or behaving capriciously. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick up a large bag with the things which will provide the opportunity to captivate the child’s attention by different activities. Put some small stuffed toys, finger dolls, a plane, a kaleidoscope and a portable voice recorder.

Children are often tend to feel hunger during their travel. Offer them some packed food, but better not to give them candy or crisps. Think of cheese cut into small cubes or whole grain snacks. Rice rings are easily turned into an edible bracelet or a necklace with the help of a thread. Put one round your son’s or daughter’s wrist and it will be eaten with double pleasure.

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The pros and cons of celebrity adoption.

Have you ever thought about adoption? What’s your attitude to it? Due to some reasons but it has become pretty trendy among celebrities to adopt children from developing countries where standards of living are very poor and low. It doesn’t mean that this or that couple has any problems and can’t have children. Not really. The most popular couple is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who adopted three kids and have their own kids also. Many other celebrities followed their example and decided to do the same. Among them are many single mothers: Charlize Theron, Kristin Davis, Sheryl Crow, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Kate Winslet and many others.

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