Why Young Couples Don’t Want To Have Children?

Freedom from children
Apparently, I found myself asking this question very often by now. I am perfectly out of age, and so are my friends. The vast majority of them are successful, wealthy, healthy and adult enough to handle serious commitment. Most of them have been in a relationship with their significant others for quite a while. They move in, go to vacation together, make plans and have dreams. They have common real estate, common vehicles and common insurance plans. The only common thing they don’t plan to have is kids. And I keep asking myself why it happens. Coupling is all about reproduction, isn’t it? So, I asked some of my friends to share their ideas on this issue, and that’s what they said:
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The Best Soundtracks

listening to music
Most of us like watching movies, TV series and procrastinating. And I was wondering: how many of you watch movies and pay more attention to soundtracks than to a plot? I am one of those people, all the songs that I listen to are from the movies, TV series and YouTube videos that I come across. I am so into music that I pause a movie when the most interesting thing is about to happen and start googling a song. Of course, not all that music / songs are soundtracks, but still. So I thought I should share “my precious” list with you. You probably know most of these songs and I would like to know whether or not you love them as much as I do.
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Breeds Differ

If you decide to keep a dog you have passed only a half of the way. There are so many breeds that it can take you ages to decide what kind of dog you want to have. When making your choice you should take into account certain criteria in order to select a pet which will suit you best.

One of the most obvious conditions which plays an important role in this issue is space. Do you have a flat or a house with much space to walk with your dog? If your apartment is not large enough, consider taking pet of a small size, like Yorkshire terrier, for instance. Note that it is essential for any dog to have an opportunity to move freely.

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Fashion Trends 2013: Coats

A trendy coat as an elegant dress makes any girl look stylish, slim and sophisticated. Of course jackets also can look fashionable and fancy but they lack the hint of polished chick impression. That's why in winter and fall 2013 the most part of the leading fashion designers decided the coat to be the must-have garment for all the it-girls. So what fashion trends will prevail in 2013?

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Oh sex, you are sport!

Did you know they are going to equate sex with the Olympic sports? It sounds great!

Sex is a kind of sport, and those who practice it make regular physical activity and look good. The adepts of this sport create groups in social networks and vote. In order to make sex an Olympic sport, more than 1 million people should vote for this decision. There are more than 6 billion people and certainly not less than a million of them are involved in this sport regularly, efficiently and professionally. Another argument, mentioned by the activists is that this enjoyable competition would be held in both winter and summer, and fall and spring.

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Are you ready to be a mom?

Almost every woman dreams about having children, because this is what all the ladies were born for: to give this world another life. If you don’t have children yet, but you think it’s high time to ponder over it, there are eight signs of readiness to become a mother. Check up yourself and find out whether you have…

1) Emotional stability

Being a parent is hard. You will have to manage two lives now. So by the time of birth you need to be emotionally stable to give your baby all your love and care.

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The Story of Holly Golightly

The name of Holly Golightly may seem unfamiliar to some people but the title “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is by all means familiar to everyone. And of course everyone has seen the famous photo of Audrey Hepburn with a thin cigarette in a long holder.

What is interesting is the fact that the part of Holly Golightly was especially written for Marilyn Monroe to be performed. But finally is was successfully performed by Audrey Hepburn. Truman Capote is supposed to use the image of Marilyn Monroe as a prototype for the main character of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Actually it is hard to imagine a more suitable part for fair-curled angel Marilyn Monroe but she suddenly refused to shoot in the film. Everyone from Truman Capote to the filmmaker John Frankenheimer was surprised to hear her refusing to play such promising part. The matter was that Marilyn’s teacher of drama considered the part of Holly Golightly to have the negative impact of Monroe’s public image.

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